Our Principles ​

We regularly meet with a range of professionals and services. To help get the best outcomes for all we have developed shared principles for working together. 

  • T.Y.L.E.R would like background and an explanation of why you want to attend their meetings and any information you will be requesting from them prior to you attending their meeting, this will help us to prepare.

  • Ensure that communication is straight forward and jargon free

  • On occasions the group find it beneficial if when attending meetings you present the information for them to consider and then give them time to discuss separately, please don’t be offended this is just to allow the group to work to their full potential.

  •  Be realistic. – From a professional’s point of view let T.Y.L.E.R know if any outcomes they are asking for are achievable. If you are requesting information from them, give the group realistic timescale for them to deliver the information to you. Manage T.Y.L.E.R’s expectations, when they give you information and feedback, let them know what may happen with this and what is going to be achievable.

  • All need to be open and honest, as a partner let TYLER know what you will be using their feedback and information for and how this will impact on services.

  • All need to be open to compromise. If feedback/requests cannot be met fully, both parties need to think about possible compromise or alternative ideas

  • What is agreed is actioned, if there is a task to complete or a change to something then please ensure the outcomes gets fed back so all can understand the progress and differences made.  

  • Aneliese and where possible members of TYLER will communicate/meet with professionals prior to them meeting with T.Y.L.E.R to go through these shared principles.

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