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In October 2018 T.Y.L.E.R submitted and was successful in receiving funding from the Youth Action Board to create a gap they found within the East Riding – an Independent Life Skills Course. Over the last 10 months the group has been working with the Education and Skills Team to put together a 10 week course for all young people aged 16 to 24. The course will include sessions on: 

-        26th September - Introduction to Independent Life Skills – what is independent living, how to create personal goals. 
-        3rd October - Appointment Booking – who do you need to book appointments with and how. 
-        10th October - Independent Skills – how to clean a house, how to read a water, gas and electricity meter and how to travel independently. 
-        17th October - Socialising – the benefits of socialising, how to be comfortable in a group and how to identify ways to increase social activities.
-        24th October - Healthy Lifestyles: Healthy Eating – benefits of eating healthy, identifying healthy foods and cooking a healthy meal. 
-        31st October - Money Management – how to create a budget, managing bills, etc. 
-        7th November - Healthy Lifestyles: Staying Fit – benefits of and different ways to exercise. 
-        14th November - Improving Confidence – ways to increase and exercise mental resilience and increase confidence. 
-        21st November - Community and Government – understanding the community we live in and understanding the voting system. 
-        28th November - Where Next? Employment and Education – identifying employment and education opportunities and how to apply for jobs. 


If you would like to book on to a session, please ring (01482) 887670, email or enrol online 


More information about the courses can be found at 

If you are able to attend but are unable to make the dates, please email to register your interest, the more people that show an interest the more courses we can run on different dates or locations.

All of the above sessions will be at the Adult Learning Centre, Burden Road, Beverley, HU17 9LW (Except the session on the 31st October which will be run at Adult Learn Centre, Hallgate, Cottingham, HU16 4DD.)
We would like to remove barriers for anyone to attend. If you have any problems with transport, etc. please let them know when you book and this will be sorted for you. 

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